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Beware of Renegade Food Processor!

A word of caution regarding a particular model of food processor that is not particularly “user friendly”.

Last Saturday morning at 6:30 AM, I was slicing potatoes in a food processor.  After emptying the bowl with the first set of processed potatoes, I twisted the bowl back into place and then proceeded to drop the blade component onto the spindle.  Lo and behold, the blade started in puree’ mode without any  of the safety features even close to being engaged.  Fortunately, I was awake enough that my reflexes were functioning (and with the aid of the force of the contact) I quickly withdrew my hand.

I then knew that I’d been hit! The laceration was slow to start bleeding since the cut was so clean, but the slice was a deep spiral starting at the tip of my middle finger and extended to an inch behind my fingernail at the top of the finger.  I went to the local OR where I received over a dozen stitches, then proceeded back to the kitchen.

Ornery CritterI decided to check the internet to see if there has been anything posted on renegade food processors and found many posts on the exact same model that got me.

Since I have some restaurant reviews on this blog, I thought that it may be appropriate to review a kitchen product in this case.  Perhaps it can save some grief for someone who may happen to come accross this.

Here are a few links related to this product.

Nationwide recall of GE food processors and Stihl outdoor yard products

Walmart Recalls GE Food Processors Due to Laceration and Fire Hazard

Woman sues over hand caught in food processor – The Edwardsville Intelligencer : News: legal, madison county, injury,

A Madison County woman who injured her hand operating a foodprocessor she later claimed was defective has filed a productliability lawsuit i…

via Woman sues over hand caught in food processor – The Edwardsville Intelligencer : News: legal, madison county, injury,.



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