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Bonge’s Tavern – Perkinsville, Indiana

4 out of 5


A Hoosier tradition since 1934, Bonge’s Tavern is a comfortable bar-restaurant serving dishes categorized as “traditional American” or “new American”. Though the building was constructed in 1847 as a general store, it became a local watering hole in the years following prohibition and has undergone renovations in recent years.

Bonge’s Tavern – Perkinsville, IN

Located approximately 5 miles north of the Indy suburb of Lapel, some consider Perkinsville to be in the “boonies” yet its rural setting is part of the ambience of the place.

Calling in advance is strongly recommended due to the popularity of Bonge’s Tavern, however, the waiting is considered one its assets by featuring a “tailgating” area in the parking lot where you are allowed to utilize your own tailgating accessories.

You must be 21 years of age to enter Bonge’s as it is classified as a tavern.

Steve D.

Bonge’s Tavern
9830 West 280 North, Perkinsville, Indiana 46011
Phone: 765.734.1625
Web: http://www.bongestavern.com

Stevarino says:

Having been to many restaurants in the Indy area, Bonge’s food is comparable to that of an uptown gourmet dining establishment.

The atmosphere is very casual, comfortable, laid-back and rustic and the service is top-notch.

The featured menu (chalkboard) changes often accept for the Perkinsville pork which is available daily. If you are unsure what to order, Perkinsville pork is a sure winner and you can never go wrong by ordering the mushrooms or their world famous tomato soup.

The dessert menu is “to die for” as attested in the many reviews.

Bonge’s Tavern, Perkinsville, IN – Menu (The Chalkboard)

4 out of 5
Four out of five stars.

$$$$50 and under


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