Houston’s Restaurant – Dallas, Ft. Lauderdale

4 out of 5


Perhaps my personal favorite lunch spot, Houston’s Restaurant, offers top-notch dining in a warm, ambient yet celebratory atmosphere at a reasonable price – and the food is the best part!

Houston's Restaurant
Image source: Hillstone Restaurant Group

Oddly enough, Houston’s was founded in Dallas, though they now have locations in metropolitan areas throughout the country – including Houston.

Though Houston’s offers a superb dinner venue, I’ve always viewed it as a great luncheon locale and apparently I’m not alone – the wait is normally 20 minutes at a minimum.

Steve D.

Houston’s Restaurant – Addison, TX
5318 Belt Line Rd, 75254 Dallas, Texas
Phone: 972.960.1752
Web: http://www.hillstone.com/#/restaurants/houstons/

Stevarino says:

Having been to Houston’s 3 locations in Dallas proper as well as the Ft. Lauderdale store (which I recommended as a pal and I were seeking a quick bite for lunch one afternoon – he was impressed), the standard of quality is consistent. The one trait of Houston’s that has always left an impression is their selection of soups, salads and appetizers. A favorite of mine is Houston’s Tortilla Soup. My first taste of tortilla soup was when it happened to be the “soup d’jour” on the lunch menu on one particular occasion. Since that time, I’ve sampled tortilla soup at multiple eateries yet have never experienced anything remotely as tasty as my first encounter at Houston’s – including authentic Mexican restaurants.

The atmosphere is always lively yet never over-bearing. Of course, during lunch and dinner rush the place is normally packed, particularly around the bar area as patrons await their tables or partake in happy-hour.

Any meal from the menu will be good. Also, the menu is always subject to change and the creativity of the chef’s at Houston’s always offer a fun variety of interesting new entrees. From their sandwiches and burgers, to their market-fresh fish, to their Hawaiian Ribeye, you really can’t go wrong with any selection from the menu.

The dessert menu is not lengthy but every choice is equally delectable.

Houston’s Beltline Road location in Addison – Menu (pdf)

4 out of 5
Four out of five stars.

$$$$50 and under

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2 comments on “Houston’s Restaurant – Dallas, Ft. Lauderdale

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  2. i had a good time in their bathroom

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